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The photos below #11 and #12  are exploded  and slightly different views of the tip of the thumb seen in  10.0th…Post…ThumbPrint.   These photos are displaying the inside edge of the thumb.

Photo by: Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC  [#11]

Photo by: Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC  [#12]

Viewing the underside of the thumb pad  one can see some puffiness.   This appears to be some scar tissue and can be seen in these and other photos. Putting the patina aside, to me this does not look to be the thumb of a young lady.

Looking carefully at the edge of the thumbnail we can see a hack nail.  Both photos show the nail.  To me this does not look to be the nail of  a young lady.

Also, while researching at the Hirshhorm Museum in Washington DC, I did see a picture of  a bronze casting of a right hand made by Samuel Murray.  Samuel Murray shared a studio (18 years ) with Eakins at 1330 Chestnut St.  Phila.   The art community believes without question that this bronze hand is that of Thomas Eakins. I examined the photo and could see a hack nail.  I am working to obtain a photo  of this hand.  I might have photos made of this bronze hand.  Although it could  be in a private collection.  I am working on it.   We know for certain that this is not the hand of a young lady.

At some time in the future there will be another Eakins exhibit and hopefully someone will undertake having both hands examined.  After all the human body is symmetrical  or very close to it.  Therefore the length of the fingers can be measured, the girth at the joints, etc, etc.  We could get a definitive answer.  The question is half  answered before examination is  even attempted…dan

That might be another project for me.


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