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Jesus’ was the last profile that Leonardo painted in his world famous painting, The Last Supper. This can be attested to by an eye witness whose  name was  Matteo Bandello. He was born in Italy at Casteluovo, Tortona, Piedont near the end of the 15th century. Again, I came across this information inadvertently.  I was in search of Thomas Eakins knowledge concerning the colors that Leonardo used in his painting.  Eakins had never been to Milan.

Pictures  by:  Dan Breslin

Although he must  have seen a color picture of The Last Supper.   My search was where did he see it.  Today we can see color pictures of almost everything.   But back at the end of the 19th century there wasn’t much color printing going on.  Although, this being the 400th anniversary of the painting, there must have been articles printed somewhere.  I theorized that it must have been  in an art publication.  But which one? I searched the internet (thank Jesus for it),  coming across Scribner’s Monthly, which was a literary publication, and the time period was right.  I had previously read that Eakins had been interviewed by this publication on a couple occasions.  I though I had it but no luck.  I continued to strike out in my searches. Then I came across a site by Cornell University Library and I browsed Making of America Collection.  The portion that I researched  was art publications.  What a wealth of information. Herein Cornell U. had 22 publications archived.  I searched every publication that published during the 1890s.  I determined that anything before that period was too early and after that it was too late.   I thoroughly checked 9 publications.  Interesting material but no luck.

However, I did come across something in The Atlantic Monthly/vol. 82 /issue 494 (Dec. 1898) a classified add. This was a little close in time but I figured that it was published earlier or else it would be old news.  It was a classified add for a 2 vol. issue on Leonardo da Vinci life. The advertisement went on, 24 color plates, etc, etc.  The title of the book set was The Artist, the Philosopher, the Scholar,  and it was written in French by Eugene Muntz.  The 2 vol. edition was translated into English and 500 sets were imported into the US.  The 2 vol. set was being offered for $15.  Moreover, it was being imported by Charles Scribner’s Sons’.  I had to have this set. I searched Amazon.  I located a   library set being offered for $100.  It stated: condition good enough for research. The set was a first US edition and it was offered by, Bequaert-Old-Books.  I had to have it.  I was very surprised for such good condition of the set.  Each vol. weighted about 10 lbs. and has about 300 pages.  In addition, I could hardly believe what happened.  Only 500 sets of this book were imported into the US over 100 years ago.  And now I managed to locate  a set just at my moment of need.  Amazing. I reviewed the section on The  Last Supper , it was not what I had hoped.  The picture was there but it was in black and white.   Great book but it was a letdown.  Yet it did provide a clue……


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