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Thaddeus, Jude Thaddeus, what biblical information do we know about him.  He is believed to be a cousin of Jesus.  His mother Mary was related to the Blessed Virgin.  Jude Thaddeus is believed to have played with Jesus as a child.  When Jesus entered His public life, Thaddeus left everything behind and followed Jesus. Jude Thaddeus was the brother of James the Minor another apostle that participated in The Last Supper.  Sometime after the betrayal of Jesus and later when the Gospels were being written Jude Thaddeus  was referred to as Thaddeus.  This was done to distinguish Jude Thaddeus from Judas, the betrayer.   When Thaddeus went on his ministry he partnered with Simon the Zealot.  Simon the Zealot was an Apostle, also seated at The Last Supper.  In preaching the word of Jesus these two disciples are believed to have traveled through, Syria, Libya, Samaria, Judea, Mesopotamia and other foreign countries.  Although we can’t be sure of all their travels.  However, their traveling days ended in Syria.  In Syria they were both arrested,  jailed in Sanatruk’s prison wherein both the disciples suffered martyrdom, sometime around the year 70 AD.  After the death of  Thaddeus, his body was brought  to Rome.  I wonder what ever happened to the remains of Simon the Zealot, he was an apostle, he sat at the table of the last supper.  Why wasn’t his remains sent to Rome?   We’ll never know.  But we do know that Thaddeus’  remains are in a crypt in St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome.  However, he is no longer known as Thaddeus .  We are now back to earlier days with the  name of Jude.  He is now venerated  as St. Jude, the patron saint of the loss, the impossible.  And named after St. Jude, we have the remarkable St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  For this we can thank Jesus, St. Jude and Danny Thomas for it’s success.

Thaddeus, Jude Thaddeus, what information did Leonardo know about him.

Well we can be sure that Leonardo read some Bible material on Thaddeus.

Also, he must have queried the Duke of Milan to learn what he thought of Thaddeus.  In addition, he must have questioned other learned men.  Not that anyone really knew just what Thaddeus  looked like but just to get a feel for the man.  It is known that he did go into the streets and sketch parts of men.

However, Thaddeus’ facial features were  truly a composition of Leonardo’s mind.  Leonardo’s chosen facial features for Thaddeus were well beyond any sketches that Leonardo might have ever seen.

We can just review the facts.  Thaddeus was the same…


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