THOMAS, that is St. Thomas the APOSTLE.  What do we know historical  THOMAS?  Well we really don’t know much more about him than we did about Judas.  He was probably born in Galilee hence he was a Galilean.  How old was he, we don’t know, although he died in the early AD 50s.  His ministry lasted about 15 to 20 years. And we  do know that he sat at the last supper table with Christ.  He was one of the twelve. Although he was not there that Easter Sunday when Christ arose from the dead. When the other apostles who witnessed the arising of Christ told Thomas what had happened he declined to believe.  Thomas told his fellow disciples that he would only believe what they said if he could  place his fingers into the nail wounds of Christ.

Eight days later upon the second appearance of Christ, while  in the presence of  Christ,  Thomas believed.  At this time Christ permitted Thomas to put his fingers into the nail wounds.  Thomas thenceforth was known as “Doubting Thomas”.

Thomas’ ministry took him as far as Madras, India.  There on the Malabar Coast he established a Christian community, still existing today, known as the “Christians of St. Thomas”.

Thomas is believed to have suffered martyrdom  in  Syriac Mazdal, India by the order of King Misdai after having fallen into disfavor.

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